A Loving Family

Hillside is a Non-denominational Christian Church that is passionate about family, friendships, and discovering who God made us to be. Hillside is a family - a place to call home. It's a place to find hope, help, and healing. Whether you're an atheist or a lifetime follower of Christ, or not sure what to believe, you are welcome here.  We aren't perfect and don't claim to be, so chances are you'll feel pretty comfortable at Hillside.  We're caring and cheerful, but we'd never embarrass you.  We believe the Bible is God's love letter to us and each Sunday you'll hear helpful messages from the Bible.  Check us out any time!

Meet our Pastor

David Clift

WHY CHRISTIANITY? As a child, my parents took us to church occasionally. It seemed boring and irrelevant.  A friend invited us to a church where I understood the message and people seemed excited about Jesus. After a few months, on September 24, 1972, I accepted Christ.  I was baptized soon after I made that decision.
WHY MINITSRY?  As a kid, I dreamed of being a lawyer. Then in 1978 during a chapel at Berean Christian High School (now in Walnut Creek, Ca), we were urged to seek how God could best use us. and I began asking that of God on a daily basis. God began bringing ministry opportunities to me that confirmed my gifts and by the end of my junior year,  it was clear God wanted me to serve Him in ministry. It's a decision I have never doubted.

WHY HILLSIDE?  I've lived in the San Francisco Bay Area all my life. I had been an Associate Pastor in Martinez for a few years then an Interim Pastor in Concord for a very short time when in September of 1989 (the month before I got married!), some leaders from Hillside Church asked if I'd consider coming to help them. The church had declined and people were discouraged. After much prayer and discussion, it became obvious that God wanted me to go to Hillside. I originally thought I would be there a short time, but 32 years later, here I am."

Pastor David & Cindy Clift

Latest Sermon

The mission of Hillside is to help you take your "next step" in your spiritual life. Whether you're a devoted follower of Jesus or just "checking it out," you'll find messages here to help you navigate through life while growing in your relationships with God and people. 

Join Us

Hillside is a place where your whole family can enjoy the morning. We have safe and caring nursery and childcare along with a Sunday morning children's ministry we call the KidZone. We also know that kids can be a little nervous their first time in a new setting so children are welcome in the auditorium and parents are allowed to observe with their children in the KidZone. The nursery for infants and small children streams the service so that you don't have to miss it in case your little one has a difficult morning (we all have them, right?).